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Acute Severe Burns - Dr Heather Cleland

Released: 28/08/2018
Acute Severe Burns


Interview with Dr Kym Jenkins, president of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists. Discussion about the mental health of the medical professional. Recent medial coverage, what we know, common themes of unhappy doctors and future directions.
Duration - 18mins
Massive transfusions are not confined to major teaching hospitals or to trauma centres – they can occur in many other settings. In this podcast, Dr Simon Hendel discusses the use of massive transfusions and massive transfusion protocols. In particular, he explores the issue of pre-hospital resuscitation and how a massive transfusion protocol may be helpful even in a remote country hospital with limited resources.
Duration - 21mins
Pulmonary aspiration of gastric contents is a rare but serious complication of anaesthesia. Fasting prior to surgery to minimise the risk of aspiration has been an accepted necessity of preoperative care for decades. In this podcast, Dr Jonathan Nicholson discusses some of the evidence surrounding modern fasting practices. He will explore some of the newer approaches to preoperative fasting that have been prompted by a focus on Enhanced Recovery After Surgery protocols and how to ensure patients who are fasting aren’t necessarily starving.
Duration - 15mins
Dr Jonathan Nicholson interviews principal investigator Professor Paul Myles on the results of the RELIEF trial - a large randomised controlled trial looking at liberal vs. restrictive fluid therapy during and after major abdominal surgery.
Duration - 25mins
In an ageing population, the percentage of patients undergoing surgery aged over 65 years is increasing. Dr Margot Lodge, Geriatrician, discusses the importance of understanding the changes in cognition that can occur across the perioperative period.
Duration - 17mins
Dr Brendan Flanagan is a specialist anaesthetist with a special interest in crisis management and human factors. Brendan played a pioneering role in the introduction of healthcare simulation in Australia, initially through the introduction of crisis management courses in anaesthesia at the Southern Health Simulation Centre. More recently he has been involved in adapting an Emergency Manual for use in the Operating Suite at The Alfred Hospital.
Duration - 18mins
Dr Kerry McLaughlin is a pain specialist at The Alfred Hospital and has been closely following the global opioid epidemic. She discusses the local situation and whether the prescribing of opioids by perioperative physicians is part of the problem.
Duration - 13mins
Dr Jonathan Nicholson is a the coordinator of the Short Course in Perioperative Medicine, Monash University. Using the experience of the perioperative ward round at the Alfred Hospital he discusses the question Can Perioperative teams impact on post operative complications?
Duration - 16mins
Toby Richards, Professor of Surgery at University College London discusses anaemia and iron deficiency in the perioperative period. He explains how a good understanding of this subject can enhance patient blood management and improve patient outcomes.
Duration - 25mins
Advance Care Planning is a voluntary process that safeguards the patients right to express future preferences and wishes about their healthcare for a time when they are no longer able to independently express.
Duration - 13mins